What if You Could Win for Free? Wynn Free Enlightens The Blue Garage, Sunday, 3-5 PM

Written by on June 24, 2018

Wynn comes from a background as a physics major at UC Berkeley. He tends to be scientific, logical and skeptical. And now he finds himself in the middle of what felt like a sci-fi movie with miracles, future predictions that manifested, and a Source that patiently answers his every question about how the universe really works.

From group consciousness to the soul collective, Wynn Free enlightens The Blue Garage this Sunday, 3-5 PM.

As a musician, Wynn collaborated with Motown legend Brian Holland.

As an author, he collaborated with David Wilcock, and co-authored in 2004 the ground breaking, The Reincarnation of Edgar Casey?  Modern genetics asserts that DNA, the human building block informs how we look and engage with the world.(phenotype.) Wynn is the first researcher to claim and support that past lives leave a mark on one's DNA, and that this evidence can be seen by identifying key facial and body characteristics that remain similar from incarnation to incarnation.

And more: Whole Planet Healing: Making Friends, Setting Intention, Changing the World

Every day on a telephone conference line…
7pm Pacific 

Access Number: 712 770 4340  pin 250513

This is not like anything else (that we know of) on the planet. 

Miracles happen!

Wynn Free and Brian Holland

Wynn Free, 2004, The Reincarnation of Edgar Casey

Edgar Casey/David Wilcock

Edgar Casey/David Wilcock

St. Catherine of Sienna/Terry

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