William Sebrans

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William Sebrans started out as a child.
After numerous twists and turns, rises, falls and resurrections he became
a broadcaster for KVMR in 2013. Though much of the interim period remains under
speculation, we do know that he is an accomplished guitarist, has perfected a snooty taste in
nearly all musical genres, will imitate Al Pacino during pledge drives and wears nice clothes in
defiance of the local neighborhood standard.

His fledging program 'Classical Unleashed', featuring unique, and out of the box offerings
with a classical edge has received rave reviews from Yo-Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin, the Ella
Fitzgerald estate and at least 3 of William's personal friends. This encouragement has
spurred him on to create the more expanded rubric: ' Radio Unleashed! which takes on any
worthy theme from: old standards, to spiritual affliction,  to july 4th specials -  with class,
panache, irreverence, innovation and once, again, irrepressibly snooty taste.

He was voted Most Innovative radio programmer by himself and is waiting, patiently, to hear from his 
colleagues on the subject.