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Welcome to my bio, here goes something: Tyler Cook is a musician, broadcaster, and devoted follower of the cosmic entity known as Mothkòi.


This is a poem dedicated to the honor of Mothkòi.


Mothkòi - by Christine Cook


"Mothkòi is as ancient as the Universe itself." "His omnipotent, vaguely moth-like presence holds court over the most musical and mysterious regions of the multiverse."

"It is replete with the velvety, dark matter and energy which Mothkòi spins into glorious music by running his light-year long fingers over the nameless, yet poignant instrument made from the bones of long-dead universes powered by the electromagnetic waves and particles that originate from the majestic embryotic yellow waves which crash on the bleak far shores of the Seas of Carcosa which are entwined in a massive Galaxy at the edge of the observable universe."

"Mothkòi holds the chaos of the universe together by humming the notes first heard only by Mothkòi as the symphony of the Big Bang first unfurled it's electromagnetic waves of magnificence across the rapidly expanding universe"

"Mothkòi" endlessly hums the Big Bang song that vitally reminds us of the importance of music to our very existence."

 Tyler was brought into this physical plane of exsistence from the gooey universal aether to join the KVMR community in 2010 as a guest DJ on Meri St. Mary's The Underground Sound and Julia Boorinakis Haper's Notes From The Underground, with encouragement from friends he decided to sign up for the 2011 KVMR Broadcaster's Training School, in 2012 he became a certified broadcaster along with his friend/collaborator Caleb Freidenfelt.


 Tyler also enjoys baking, long tumbling strolls on the tumblr, non-sequiters, planting tounge seeds firmly in his backyard garden of cheeks and narcassitic self references via 3rd person perspective (i.e. Tyler Cook blah blah blah..) Sometimes he plays music on KVMR, either subbing other broadcaster's shows usually during the night, or on Redeye radio and Nightvision. He has been a prominent substute for Jonah Mociun's Th' Mole Hole on alternate mondays from 10 to midnight. He is also 1/2 of the Redeye radio "show" The Nuclear Beauty Parlor with Caleb Freidenfelt. To reach The Nuclear Beauty Parlor, you may visit this address below: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Nuclear-Beauty-Parlor-on-KVMR/9685621...


 He feels greatful to all who are involved with KVMR, especially the listeners and volunteers. "They are what makes KVMR such a special station, a true community of suppoters who know the value of independent community radio. I'd like to thank them and of course the all-mighty Mothkói." He states proudly as he flies away on a robotic unicorn to his magical hermit cove by the sea...