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    Todd Wahoske moved to Nevada City in October, 2006.  He didn’t know too many people in town and always liked the idea of playing music on the radio, so he pursued a KVMR Broadcaster Certification in 2008. Todd was mentored by Broadcaster, Mark Leviton and began doing Red Eye Radio shows from Midnight to 4am, every so often.

    During this period he also began volunteering for the Music Department, where he helped burn digital music files to CD, review new releases, partake in digital download committees, and generally assist the Music Director with computer needs.

    In late 2009 he auditioned for his own show titled The Funk Hole: A Mostly Modern Mix of Music, and was awarded the time slot every other Tuesday night from 10pm-Midnight. The Funk Hole aired from January 19, 2010 to March 27, 2012. Todd and The Funk Hole were honored with KVMR’s Night-Owl Award in late 2010.

    Todd has also been a guest-host for Night Vision and an infrequent substitute broadcaster for various shows including: The Other Side, Bohemian Groove, The Avant Garage, and The Back Room.

    Beginning early 2013, Todd became a featured guest on Jerianne’s Morning Show, every Friday 9:00ish in the AM. Together, Todd and Jerianne performed a brief segment titled Todd’s Twos, where Todd played 2 new music tracks including information about new music releases and upcoming music shows in the area. People generally seemed to enjoy the segment.

    In 2014, Jerianne and Todd expanded the segment to 2 + 2 songs beginning around 8:30 AM. The format changed slightly: Todd played two songs by an artist, then two more songs by a different artist with a new or recent album. The name was changed to Todd’s Two Too. 

    Outside of broadcasting, Todd Wahoske is a Digital Artist working in the game development industry. He contributed to several top selling AAA video games, spanning multiple console platforms. Todd has consulted on projects ranging from mobile apps, software demos, product creation, marketing, website design, and a successful crowd-funding campaign.


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