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    Growing up Pennsylvania Dutch in a very white, Republican county north of Philadelphia, my only exposure to latin music was Desi Arnaz, a.k.k Ricky Ricardo, on “I Love Lucy.” Jose Feliciano, the Tijuana Brass, as well as latin recordings by the likes of Dean Martin, Edye Gorme, and Nat King Cole occasionally got radio air play.

    Forty years later I was married, shoeing horses out of Georgetown, CA, and I joined a music club by mail and began to collect all kinds of latin music CDs, gradually finding what I liked. With a meagre collection of CDs, I began a latin music show on Georgetown’s fledgeling station, KFOK. 3 years of weekly shows later, I applied for a sppot on KVMR’s “South of the Border” and was lucky enough to be selected.

    My portion of South of the Border airs the third Monday of every month, where I try to bring something exciting that tickles my fancy and hopefully that of listeners as well. Vaya con Amor.

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