Theodor Goodman / Broadcaster

    Although I was born in the late ’90s I grew up listening to everything before then. Any given show could focus on Glenn Miller or end up being a power hour of the Eagles, it can be spontaneous but that is part of the fun! I love any and all recommendations for new music or to just revisit the classics. The majority of my radio pallette resides in the realm of Funk and R&B. Funk and R&B are upbeat, full of love, and universally groovy. The Jackson Five, Parliament, and Gladys Knight are some of the finest examples of what I will fall back on for any show.

    A little about me: I’m a brother, a college student, and an (aspiring)musician. If I’m not with my family, at work, or studying, most of my time is spent with music in the air. Whether it’s my ukulele on my back, a piano in a lobby, or just exploring some of the diverse music on KVMR, music-filled rooms are where I stay.

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