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Tenali Hrenak

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Tenali Hrenak is a Field Recording and Sound Collage Artist, Producer, Radio Broadcaster and Recording Engineer. Currently he can be found employing his years of musical passions on KVMR, where he's an occasional guest host on Mikail Graham's The Other Side. And to a lesser extent on T. E. Wolfe's A Word In Edgewise, The Sunday Night Showcase and Red Eye Radio.

Radio is a long-standing passion for him, both as a listener and broadcaster. His first “wow” moment was in the early 90s listening to Ron Cuzner's The Dark Side, a show then playing on the now defunct WFMR in Milwaukee, WI. Cuzner's passion for and erudition in Jazz was legendary, as were his late night, long-winded poetic diatribes and interminable 'dead air' pauses. Tenali credits his influence directly in the development of his first show in 1995 at WCCX at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha. From there, he moved to one-off guest spots on community radio station WORT, in Madison, WI, before heading out west. His first show in California was Muddy Boots, featured weekly from 2011-12 on KFOK in Georgetown, CA. Since completing KVMR's Broadcaster Training in 2011, he has produced, aired and hosted dozens of shows for Mikail Graham's eclectic-focused The Other Side which runs every Tuesday 8-10pm, all of which may be downloaded or streamed at http://muddybootsradio.org


Look for his shows to be like an old pair of muddy boots, venturing where sneakers never will, moving on the back roads through the backwoods and to the forgotten cracks of our communities. Tenali likes to intertwine artisanal and anachronistic cuts, recovered '78s and field recordings, and decorate the canvas of sound with film clips, one-off sounds, Folktales, cut-ups and other rarities with the intention to impart a story within the playlist in order to provide the listener with the opportunity to marvel at what musician Robin Williamson refers to as "the sheer unspeakable strangness of being here at all." 
He also has a strong interest and extensive experience in field recording, often incorporating his own and others' in his radio productions and Multimedia projects. One of his proudest musical achievements is his archive of recordings of performances, candid interactions and natural soundscapes collected over 14 years of Rainbow Gatherings in remote wilderness locations across the United States, Mexico, New Zealand and Panama, comprising nearly 2 full days of produced audio material. The intimately varied environment of these gatherings offers a unique recording situation where one can expect the unexpected. On any song, one may hear a wide variety of additional sounds: laughter, crickets, crackle from a campfire, a whimpering child, trickling streams and so forth. The music, in relation to these seemingly synchronous "background" sounds, adds richly to the overall flavor and mystique of the recording. The collection of music and more is hosted at http://musicfromtherainbow.org

In addition to music and sound, he co-founded and co-directs 'Rough N' Ready', a first response disaster relief organization that provides free, organic hot meals to communities in need. Their last mission was to set up a first response kitchen in Union Beach, New Jersey at the Union Hose Fire Co. #1 in the immediate aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Their team served 1500 meals a day to residents of Union Beach and surrounding areas. He is certain this has been some of the most important and rewarding work of his life.