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Sue Lunsford

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Born and raised in California, Sue started preparing for her teaching career when she was in the 2nd grade. Mrs. Fogerty, (yes, Tom and John’s mom) noticed Sue’s mathematical talents right away. Soon Sue was grading her classmates’ math papers, listening to CCR’s newly released Cosmos Factory, and given other tasks to “keep Suzie busy”. In 3rd grade, Sue’s class practiced songs like Do-Re-Mi, took a school bus to a recording studio in Berkeley, and cut their first, and only, vinyl LP. Fast forward to a BS in Math from Cal Poly and a teaching certificate, Sue found herself teaching high school math in Southern California, and loving it.


On her less nerdy side, Sue has always had a love of music, playing guitar and singing Joni Mitchell songs on the beach and during open mic sessions in bars and cafes at the beginning of her teaching career in Long Beach. Music fills her creative soul, but teaching math gave Sue’s free spirit a place to reside in the analytical world and four walls to contain her.


In the early 90’s after marrying and having their first child (picture a crib in the closet of a beach shack), the Lunsford’s decided it was time to return to Northern California. Seizing a job at Placer High School in Auburn, Sue was slowly coaxed over to the dark side—high school administration (Ack!). She remained in the Placer District for 24 years, opening Foresthill High School as the school’s first principal in 2004. Sue remained there for a decade, then opted for a part-time admin job running the inmate education program in the Placer County jails, until finally hanging up her education hat in June, 2015.


Sue is thrilled to become a member of the KVMR team as part-time Volunteer Director working under the wing of Edy Cassell. Now a widow with two grown and wonderful kids, when not at the station, one can find Sue cooking and listening to music, traveling , camping, or wandering somewhere in a forest where she can fill her soul in the wonders of the great outdoors.


Rookie Volunteer Director