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    I’m a married, retired, state worker. And I’m a rocker. I remember my first rock show well. It was James Gang, Cheech and Chong, and Bloodrock. It was the first time I heard mic’d drums. I went home and played for 3 hours. I play in a ZZ Top tribute band today.

    My older brother had Buffalo Springfield Rides Again, Super Session, and Second Winter from Johnny Winter. My sister had Beatles, Stones and Joni Mitchell albums.  The first two albums I bought were Four Way Street and Sticky Fingers.

    I really think rock music is classic. It’s already stood the test of time for us boomers. It’s been used by Country and Bluegrass if not Blues Reggae, and Funk. I think most every musical genre goes better with rock.  Steely Dan threw jazz chords on top of funk and rock grooves to great effect.

    I want to try theme shows at first. They would be based on rock regions, time periods, and hybrids.

    I’m happy to be a part of the KVMR community.

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