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shelley conradShelley Conrad, midwife and new KVMR broadcaster. I grew up in
the Southern California beaches of Hermosa, Manhattan and the
like. Partying on the beach was so fun and sitting with the natural
phosphorescent waves was so beautiful!!
I love most types of music and am a serious fan of Michael Franti
and Spearhead.
I am a fighter for women rights and I’ve been an observer and
practitioner of the wise traditions. In 1977 I became an EMT and
ran Fort Ross Rescue. I taught emergency childbirth to firefighters
and EMT’s, as well as Childbirth preparation classes starting in
1975 and still teach them. Ive been a mellow radical midwife for
45 years!
I raised 6 kids and have 2 grand kids and a loving, supportive
husband. I have a homestead in Penn Valley with cows, sheep
and chickens. I love to spin and weave. And most of all I love to
garden and raise bees. Recently I became a KVMR broadcaster.
My plan is to have a midwifery call in and interview show in the
future. But, I must say I love spinning the tunes and getting to
know all of the awesome broadcasters here.
I am friends with Stephan Kent of World Music and Zahira and
Soul Medic as well as world famous Darol Anger and Emy Phelps
and Mike Pinder, amazing musician also Moody Blues son plus
Will Eger fiddler. Im reaching out to my friends to have a show
that brings us all closer together in the neighborhood.

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