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Ron Avanzino

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Ron's taste in music was formed early in his life when a cousin left him his collection of 78's when he left for World War II. While the other kids were bopping to Frankie Avalon, the Four Lads, and Laurence Welk, he was learning to swing to Benny Goodman, Harry James, Glenn Miller and other Big Bands.

His love of all types of music continued throughout his life but the beat of the Big Bands and the swinging arrangements of Nelson Riddle for Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith, and Ella Fitzgerald continued to be the genre he loved the most and listened to most.

Ron is a native Californian having been born in San Francisco and raised in Napa on a prune ranch. He graduated in 1957 from the University of San Francisco and made a career in the fields of accounting and business management. A golfer from the age of 15, he happily took a position with the Cleveland Golf Company and finished his career in the golf industry. Upon retirement in 2001, he moved to a home in the Lake Wildwood area.

While working on his home one Saturday shortly upon moving in, he happened to turn on his radio to KVMR and listened to Tom Greener and his Ragged But Right program followed by Wesley Robertson and Rompin and Stompin. He thought, 'great, I've found a super country station in the area'. When he listened the next day however, he heard Michael Keene and his Hawaiian music and didn't know what to think. He quickly found out what KVMR was all about and just left his dial on it permanently.

He was even more thrilled to find out that KVMR had an 'oldie' music program and quickly decided to take the Broadcaster Training Class as having a radio show was always a secret ambition of his. He was fortunate to get a show on alternate Wednesdays, in 2005 and has enjoyed playing the music he loves ever since.