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    I have always listened to music to save my soul……From my early days of FM radio in LA and then moving to the freeform Bay Area Radio of KSAN and KALX, I found music to be my best way of ‘letting go’ and getting out of my ‘head’ I program my show with music that hopefully will let you go, keep you moving, and inspire creativity!!!   In the early morning Wednesday show, when I come in at 4AM, I like to keep things a bit spacey and ethereal for those working or driving through the night.  I progress into good wake-up & get moving Rock and Roll, Americana and Electronic, with a touch of Motown, Funk and Soul to fill it out as well.  (However- I hate being pigeon-holed into a Genre, so this means very little…)  I like to keep it mostly new and fresh, but I’ll go back to my favorites of the 70, 80’s, 90’s when I’m feelin’ it.

    I moved up to Grass Valley from the Bay Area in 2006, to escape the hustle bustle, and raise my family in one of the best little communities in the world.  I love taking advantage of all the biking, hiking, swimming and skiing that our beautiful county offers.  Unfortunately listening to music while doing all these wonderful activities does not pay the bills, so as a day-job I design and build photovoltaic awning structures as well as other design/build jobs.  While on the job-site I listen to all the great shows that KVMR puts out, and try to turn other construction workers on to the wide cross-spectrum that KVMR offers.  I decided to do the KVMR Broadcasting training in 2013, fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a DJ and hopefully inspire people to dig deeper into music to save their souls too!!!!!

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