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    When Rick was 11 years old, he received a small, handheld transistor AM radio for his birthday. It was state-of-art for its time, the mid 60’s, and soon his friends were envious of his new gift. Rick was able to listen to the top two AM Top 40 Rock stations in the Bay Area where he lived. Also, he could listen to the SAN Francisco Giants and 49ers anywhere he went. Very cool!
    While attending the University of California, Berkeley in the mid70’s, he discovered the student-run radio station on campus. He also found KPFA in Berkeley, his first exposure to”community radio”. This proved to be a very welcome departure from the Bay Area commercial radio stations. It was diverse programming that was interesting and, intelligent, and enjoyable to listen to. Other favorite Bay Area stations over the years included the former KSAN FM, the”Jive 95″, and the former KQAK, “the Quake”, in SAN Francisco.
    Shortly after moving to Nevada City  in May, 1997 from the Bay Area with his wife and kids, Rick discovered KVMR.  It was eclectic, exciting community radio. Within a short period of time, he’d become a volunteer and a member of KVMR. Volunteer activities ranged from answering telephones during Membership drives, to serving on the Board of Directors of KVMR from 2001-2004.
    Rick is now retired after a 33+ year career in the financial services industry, primarily in the credit card and business banking industries. Rick also worked as Development Director at KVMR in 2013 and 2014.
    Today, Rick serves as a volunteer at KVMR and the South Yuba River Citizens League aka “SYRCL” in Nevada City as a River Monitor. Rick, and his wife, Melissa, live outside downtown Nevada City on the way to the Yuba River.
    Rick loves KVMR as it is electric, intelligent COMMUNITY radio that reflects the quirkiness of Nevada City  and its listeners worldwide.

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