Richard Dunk

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Born in the desert and raised in a lion’s den.  A KVMR broadcaster since 1993.  Host of Dead Air since November 1996 and Night Roots since April 1999.  Former President of the KVMR Board and member (twice!) of the KVMR Program Committee.  Sold my last television in 1972 for $10 and never looked back.  I’m a huge radio fan.  In particular:  major league play-by-play (baseball, football, hoops); NPR News (sold All Things Considered a story in 1975 when I was a stringer for KZAP-FM, Sacramento); and, some of the really cool stuff (no mention of favorites) available on KVMR.  Married to my girlfriend.  One together adult daughter with a beatific daughter of her own.  I live in a 35-year-old owner-builder project on five acres.  I heat with wood, cook with gas, and make a bad-ass Manhattan.  In my spare time I try to get something done.