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My first record was Christopher Cross with the Pink Flamingo on the Front. I am not quite sure how I got it …my first tape I pretty much stole from my cousin, it was Depeche Mode EP, Blue Monday. I was infatuated with the cover, a single white rose on a blue background. My first CD, please don’t tell anyone, but it was Milli Vanilli. Plain and simple my music collection didn’t expand much beyond that… Growing up in a religious household minus the church music and kids church tapes… My dad did have The Beatles and The Who albums…and as a little girl I would sing songs with my dad at our local convalescent hospitals (don’t ask me to sing as an adult.) I didn't have older siblings to guide me in the music direction, and to tell you the truth some of the music I heard just hurt my head…So I choose to listen to a lot of classical music as that felt more organized and less painful. When I escaped church school and went into public school I heard a bit more music…but as I said before, a lot of it hurt my head because it felt unorganized…

(Not that I am an organized person by any means) there is just some stuff I can’t listen to.

I was a little over a year old in 1978 when my folks moved here literally ‘on a prayer’ out of the Bay Area. And I haven’t left since. KVMR has been alive since then and it took me many years to get the nerve to apply to be a Broadcaster. I don’t have the music knowledge as others, but I have the drive to learn and the love of sharing…as well as an additional attraction to buttons and lights so running the board, especially the board that is (and use to be) Studio A.  As a graduate of the 2013 broadcaster training class I have worked my way into the studio via the women’s show. Which for someone who loves Ani Difranco you would think this would be an easy 2 hours to fill, however it is not easy. Playing only female voices can be a challenge in itself, but I am welcomed by a wonderful group of ladies and allowed a Monday evening 8-10pm every month or two. I also beg Greg Jewett (also my mentor) to be busy every once in awhile so I can sub for his Monday Music Magazine as those 2 hours are prime! I've had a great time subbing for Avant Garage! Running the board requires me to get out of my comfort zone as most of the music I play is new to me. It has been a wonderful way to express myself. I Love it!

 As someone who also runs a local non-profit, I know all too well how delicate and precious non-profits are. KVMR is a big part of our community and I am proud to be member as well as a volunteer broadcaster. Keep listening! Keep donating! Keep KVMR alive!