Phil Ritti

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Phil moved around in his early years as his dad pursued helicopter engineering positions. From Philadelphia to Arnprior, Canada to Cincinnati, back to Canada then to Amityville, New York finally landing in the Philadelphia area from the sixth grade on.  He attended High School in Malvern, PA where he picked up his first interest in playing music by forming a band, The Back Alley, playing bass.  Then it was onto the University of Pennsylvania where he got a B. S. in Civil Engineering and an MBA from Penn’s Wharton School.  In between degrees, Phil and wife, Maryalice, invested some serious time in Steamboat Springs as ski bums.

It wasn’t long after graduating from business school that Phil joined Ampex Corporation in the magnetic tape division.  There was more rock n roll mastered on Ampex tape than all other brands combined.  His next stop was Quantum Corporation where he managed the removable tape cartridge business.  That eventually led to his co-founding Cache-A Corporation, a company dedicated to the prospect of making archiving easy for digital media professionals creating television shows, motions pictures and other video productions.

Phil and Maralice were lured to the Grass Valley / Nevada City area last year after raising four children in the Bay Area.  During the trip up to inspect their new home, Phil found KVMR on the dial and has been hooked ever since.  After hearing on the radio that the station was looking for new Board members, Phil applied and was elected in September of 2013.  He chairs the Station Development Committee and is a member of the Financial Review Committee.  Phil is a big fan of our community sponsored radio station – KVMR.