Phil Northcutt

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Philip Northcutt found himself in the Long Beach music scene in the 90’s, a teenaged music promoter and young entrepreneur, he got his start by hiring a local band called Sublime to play at a friend’s house. Soon he found himself promoting bands from all over SoCal, working with underground bands like The Vandals, U.S. Bombs, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Missing Persons, Reel Big Fish, Pocket Lint, and many more. While managing a Long Beach nightclub, he joined the Marines and left his music career behind to serve in the infantry. His experience in combat changed his world-view forever, and he decided to be a force for good in the world.  He believes we change the world by changing the little things we can affect around us.  He feels he can do this, in part, by serving his community through KVMR. His day job is working as a land-use consultant for the cannabis industry, helping farmers find properties that are suitable for legal cannabis production. He enjoys all kinds of honest music,  and loves to talk politics.