Peter Grossman

    Peter moved to Nevada City in 2017, retiring from a long and successful career in business. Since then he has spent several years riding his horse and improving his 15-acre ranch off Bitney Springs Road. After four years of shovels and pitchforks, he decided it was time to get more involved in his adopted community.  Peter had volunteered on non-profit boards in the past. It was time to give back!

    As an avid KVMR listener, Peter saw the perfect chance to renew his interest in local radio. Radio had played an important role in his past. In his 20’s, Peter was a substitute disc jockey at KBOO-FM, a community radio station in Portland, OR. In college, he was a disc jockey for three years. Peter was also part of the station management at WPRB-FM, a student-run non-profit, a commercial radio station in Princeton, NJ.

    Peter’s business background is in marketing, merchandising, and sales. He was Senior Vice President of Merchandising at the beverage chain BevMo!. As Executive Vice President of Merchandising at The Sharper Image, Peter’s contributions to its turnaround plan helped return the company to profitability.  He also led merchandising and marketing at Egghead Software as Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Advertising.

    Peter has an MBA from Harvard Business School. His undergraduate degree is from Princeton University, where he graduated magna cum laude in Philosophy.

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