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Paul Berger

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Once upon a time may eons ago (when America was Great the First Time), Paul was a kid living in upstate New York who discovered pop music on his transistor radio.   Paul's interest in music has never waned, persevering through a tortuous move to Southern California at age 10, a psychedelic journey through the University of California, 14 months of vagabonding through Europe and Middle East and a 37-year law career.   Having retired as senior attorney for the California Court of Appeal, Paul is now exploring the other side of his personality, which includes a lifelong ambition to be a DJ.   How crazy is that?

Paul's interests include bicycling, yoga, Qi Gong, political activism and writing.   Instead of writing appellate court opinions, Paul now writes guest pieces for the Union and edits the Greater Champion Neighborhood Association newsletter.   You may ask him for legal advice, but don't expect a useful reply.   And please don't get him started on politics.

Having recently become a certified broadcaster, Paul has landed his own show, which is called, fittingly, the Paulie Morphous Show (PMS) every other Sunday of every month from 4-7 am.   His eclectic music tastes will have you shouting with delight or cursing the radio, depending on how high you register on the evolutionary scale.  PMS will tempt you with other features, too, such as "Copycats" highlighting two songs, the composer of which was accused (or could have been accused) of infringing on the copyright of the other, and "The Lost Fab Four" featuring 4 overlooked or underplayed Beatles songs.   Paul will tickle your early morning fancy with inspirational quotes and quirky cover songs which put a whole new spin on a  tune you thought you knew.   Don't try to put him in a category -  but feel free to buy him coffee or a beer if you run into him (and his adorable dog Woody) around Nevada City.