Michael Ben Ortiz

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I just turned fifty and am a grandpa.
I am fortunate to be born an Indian man too.

I like the night sky and sunsets.
I like and bugs and animals and flowers and trees.
I like light beer and crunchy food and cotton and corn products.
I like playing with kids more than adults.

I like to call everything Porky Pig. It is easier that way. People name too many things before they know them. I can't see a need to define everything, understand everything and remember everything. It frees up space to let things be.

I like the mountains better than the ocean.
I like the quiet unless there is some music to play or someone has something to say.
I belong to my family and friends and the world community.

I think somewhere in all this there is no I, only I and I.
I think it is wrong to luxury lifestyle while most of the world does not.
I think that any ideas about solving our world problems should begin with Indians, and then think Japanese.
On this continent, the Buddha sits on Indian Land…and Judeo/Christianity is relevant only in Palestine. Our Ancestors are relevant here.,
I think it is stupid for people to think they and their time are more valuable than others.
I think it is important while washing dishes to cook and clean at the same time.
I think I can end violence and suffering by being brave and human.

I think a glass of water is very important.

I have grown tired of thinking, and regularly try to avoid it. The universe is so vast and its size and dynamics are unknown. Therefore everything else is unknown except for awareness. Eight and one half billion humans have an opinion too.

I wish I had some property to garden and build what I imagine is beautiful.
I wish I had enough money to visit my mother in Texas regularly.
I wish I lived closer to some things and farther from other things.
I wish that helping a kid would be as valuable as medical insurance.

I try not to do anything.
I try to help out and get things to a laughing place.
I try not to see grey hair or worry about the future.
I try to talk to the sun every morning.

I think being dum is more fun than being smart.

What do you think?