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    Being a latch key kid in beautiful rural surroundings and having the accessibility of my parents’ record collections had its advantages growing up.  I guess I could credit this with the beginnings of a very broad taste and appreciation of music and nature and related experiences.

    When they divorced early on, I was left with two varied flavors of music in their separate stacks by the stereo, which was a huge part of our day to day existence.   My sister and I perused these precious piles when our mother was at work and carefully replaced them before she returned.

    Today on Red Eye Radio at KVMR, whether it’s jazz or rock, blues or Americana, salsa, funk, or classical, if it moves me, you might hear it on my show, though I still have a special place in my heart for Coltrane and Lord Buckley from dad and Nat King Cole and the Kingston Trio from mom.

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