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Lisa Cowden

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Long time resident of the Sierra Foothills, Lisa settled into their 20 acres in Grass Valley in 1982. Spending most of her waking hours gardening while listening to the variety of shows on KVMR. KVMR gave her a critical touchstone with her new community and so in return, she began volunteering as a receptionist during the stations 5th year on the airwaves.

Volunteering led to Lisa becoming a DJ in 1984. This was when the DJ training class was one evening and the on air broadcaster training consisted of helping a DJ (Art Cohen station manager) read the community calendar and cue up an LP (NO CD players at that time). It was "back in the day" as they say. She was on air soon thereafter with her own show on Saturdays from 4 –6 pm called “The Saturday Shakedown”, a.k.a. The BBQ Hour. She held that show for about 4 years until her work demanded her full time and she had to take a hiatus from DJing.

Working in the TV Broadcast industry and being a founding employee of Ensemble Designs of Nevada City kept her extremely busy as she traveled the world attending industry trade shows for over 25 years. 

Currently she is a substitute DJ, featuring independent singer songwriters that she gathers from her involvement with Folk Alliance. Filling in occasionally for the likes of Mike Bissell, Cheri Snook or Allison Miller or as DJ on the Sweet Tea Sunday Showcase. You may have seen her in the past as one of the live remote engineers at the various festivals in the region.

She was a board member of Folk Alliance FAR-West for four years and occasionally finds herself travelling off to one of their regional conferences to glean new music for you listening pleasure. Bending herself towards the southern sounds coming from the South East region of the United States, you may tune in to find her spinning her “Sweet Tea” music.