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Katherine Porebski

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I was fortunate to grow up in the Marin County music scene, listening to our fantastic local Independent KTIM Radio Station.  I attended Chico State University (BA, Communications) and spent many early mornings announcing the news on Chico State University KCHO Radio.  Fast forward through many sales positions at Bay Area Tech Firms, I got married, and relocated to Nevada City in January 2000. I've worked as a successful local Realtor for the past 17 years, and enjoy helping people achieve financial independence and security through personal home ownership and Real Estate investments.
KVMR Radio has been a constant companion, and dear friend to me throughout the the years. I've listened to the various programs through my headphones while hiking outdoors, exercising in the club, hanging at home, an driving the car to appointments.  There is always something new, wonderful and fresh from the talented KVMR Broadcasters, of which I'm honored to be counted among them!
I'm very community oriented, and I've volunteered with local non-profits through the years.  One of my long term goals on KVMR, is to provide a platform with a voice for the various champions who work tirelessly and quietly (or loudly) toward making our world a better place. Live radio is a powerful tool to engage and inform, and we have many amazing volunteer broadcasters who are doing positive work.
I also enjoy music in all it's forms and genres!  Americana, Acoustic, Folk, World, Grateful Dead, Celtic, Hip Hop Franti style, Ambient Dub, Reggae, Native, Singer Songwriter, Show Tunes, Yoga Chants, Blues, Southern Rock, R&B, etc. I'm eclectic in my tastes and enjoy playing a wide variety for the pleasure of our listening audience.  KVMR is an Independent Radio Station, so we get the opportunity to play new releases from non-mainstream Musicians, while serving as a leader in Independent Programming, News and Public Affairs.  
Currently, I have an early morning show once a month from 4 -7 am Thursday's which is called "Sierra Sunrise - The Sound Of Sunshine". I mostly play Californian emerging and established artists highlighting West Coast Sound, but I may spring up to OR & WA on occasion.  I'm a member of the KVMR Woman's Collective, and I participate on KVMR's Red Eye Radio (12 - 4 am) on various days. Please look for me and catch my show if you get the chance!
Thanks for listening, and I appreciate yoursupport of our our Independent Community Radio Station, KVMR FM.