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Julie Chiarelli

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General Manager


Born in California, Julie was carted off to Texas at a pre-verbal age, unable to offer any persuasive arguments against this drastic migration.  For the next 30 years, she bided her time trying to be a hippie in the monochromatic suburbs of Dallas, collecting various 3-letter acronyms to follow her name (BBA, MBA, CPA, MOM) and yearning for her home turf.  (Little known fact:  when she discovered she could calculate the area of a donut using calculus, she set off to college with a math major in mind, only to be corralled into a more “practical” course of study by Dad.  Dang.)

Career-wise, Julie started out by shedding her fringed leather handbag and peace choker, donning a suit, auditing company financial statements, consulting on the economic impact of litigation matters, performing fraud investigations and managing the finances of various organizations, including a commercial radio station located in a cow pasture in Fort Worth (the suit went in the closet for that venture).

After a transfer to Arizona, Julie took a sabbatical from the corporate life to pursue earthier realms – meditation, herbs (the legal kind), yoga, conga drumming, hospice volunteering – and went back to work in the non-profit world at Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, where she served as Finance Director for 8 years (and, for the record, referred listeners to KVMR when they called in and complained about the “conservative” nature of NPR).  

Julie discovered the local area shortly after moving to Sacramento in the mid-90’s and would frequently say, “When my kids are grown, I’m moving to Nevada City.”   Fortuitously, the lovely former Business Manager at KVMR, Erica, decided to retire 6 months after Julie’s daughter graduated from high school.   One synchronistic dark night Google session and a few hoops later, she was on her way up the hill.

Continually impressed by the creativity, dedication and wide bandwidth of KVMR’s volunteers and staff, Julie considers herself blessed to have landed in this amazing place.  When not contemplating all things KVMR, she can be found playing congas at spiritual centers in Grass Valley and Auburn, sticking her face in a book, enjoying local music and theater, watching her breath at Mountain Stream Meditation Center (where she serves on the Board) or hanging out with her infinitely patient KVMR-widower partner, Jeff.

Contact:  gm@kvmr.org