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John Rumsey

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Known as the slowest rising DJ at KVMR, John Rumsey began his training in 1993. Having successfully earned his BS from Stanford in Civil Engineering he decided to try his hand a being a drop-out. Four years later he was back at KVMR as a community board member (he's served for the maximum four years). Finally he was certified as a broadcaster graduating with the "Class of 1999."

John puts his Engineering knowledge to work for Nevada County, specializing in Traffic (not the band, the other kind). He puts his musical knowledge to work for Violets of Dawn and Weekend featuring music from the last half of the last century. His inspiration is one of wanting to share the music he has loved and followed with his listeners. He particularly likes music charts and countdown shows.

A list of artists who have impacted him include: Rick Nelson, DJs Tom Murphy, Dick Curtis & Pat O'Dea and writer Dave Marsh.

He is the father of twin Newfoundlands, or rather, daughters born in Newfoundland. John was born in Seattle, "during the pre-boom (aka Sh-boom) generation." He has lived in California for 20 years having left Seattle when "the complaining about lack of summer from the rest of the family became unbearable."