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THERE AREN'T MANY FOLKS WHO THINK the best era for music occurred prior to their birth but Jimmie Grimes does. Those years specifically are 1965 to 1970. At 39, and as one of the younger KVMR broadcasters, Jimmie's musical predilections run the gamut--undeniably with enough confidence to satisfy the most discerning KVMR listener.

Jimmie's music education began early and at home. His dad maintained a huge collection of reel to reel tapes. In fact, a "whole wall of them." Jimmie's father served in the Navy and was a radio broadcaster on board a ship. As the oldest of four, Jimmie was an inquisitive child and after being shown how to thread the tape deck, he was off and running, exploring his dad's vast collection with everyone from Hendrix to Mozart--Bob Marley to Helen Reddy-- and he's never stopped listening to artists in every genre.

Born in 1970, at the Naval Hospital in Oakland, and raised in what was then, miles of "farmland" in San Ramon, Jimmie had the good fortune of growing up on the fertile ground of the music scene in the Bay Area. As a teen, Jimmie had a friend who worked at an iconic concert venue in San Francisco and would frequently offer him "free tickets" to shows which Jimmie always eagerly accepted. Among those, most memorable were numerous Grateful Dead shows, among many others, and attending live shows has remained a passion.

A content family man and a Nevada City resident, Jimmie works in wine sales, a profession which has allowed him business travel to France, with a future trip planned to Chile. Part of his job duties is to research wine. This research led him to study and recently achieve the distinction of Certified Sommelier. If you are thinking this isn't a big deal, it is. The exam is nerve-racking, requires many hours of study and is difficult to pass. Some have to take the exam several times before passing. To become certified, and the most critical part of the test, you must be able to name the regions, grapes, vineyards, and vintages of an assortment of wines--all while blindfolded! You must also be knowledgeable about the chemistry behind making wine, how to taste the wine, and how to judge its color, aroma, flavor and body. A good sense of taste and smell are as essential as a keen understanding of food chemistry. This could be why Sommeliers are often referred to as the rock stars of the culinary world!

Jimmie is a graduate of the Broadcaster Training class of 2006 and has been a volunteer at the station since 2005. He doesn't have to travel very far from home to take his seat at the microphone and that suits him just fine. He loves Nevada City, its people, the musical diversity, and being able to experience all four seasons. When he is not working or broadcasting the Wednesday Morning Show from 7-10 a.m., he relaxes with his family and surfs, snowboards, and golfs. His leisure travels have taken him to Canada, Mexico, the Virgin Islands and to forty four of the fifty states. His travel goal is to get to all fifty states and to one day visit the Middle East, a nod to his Syrian/Irish/ Lebanese descent, and to see the Pyramids in Cairo.

Since he's seen many concerts, I wondered who might appear at his "fantasy concert"--choosing any performer, alive or dead. He said the marquee would read: Jerry Garcia, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Duane Allman, Warren Haynes, Miles Davis and Bob Marley. And that's just a "tasting" of what you will hear on Jimmie's show.

By Kim Daniels