Jessica Faulks, Traffic Manager

    After trading in her life in the land of concrete and helicopters, for the beauty and small town feel of Western Nevada County she found this little radio station called KVMR. Have you heard of it? KVMR is an amazing place where the community of artists, musicians, merry makers, grumps, political types and rabble-rousers come together and create this amazing space to inform and entertain each other. Jessica is now the station’s Development Assistant which means she does a little bit of everything; from creating materials to scheduling Business Supporters messaging to data entry and shipping, but mostly she provides chocolate and a safe space to vent and walls to bounce ideas or bouncy balls off of. She can’t wait to meet all of the fantastic people who have their heart invested in keeping KVMR going far into the future! She can be found Monday through Friday on the 3rd floor. Once you come up the stairs just listen for the crazy cackling and frenetic typing over in the corner.

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