Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Jeffrey has been living in and around Nevada City since 1990. He was fortunate to be brought up by music loving parents. Their home was always filled with everything from Baez to Bach, Seeger to the Stones, Cat Stevens to Carly Simon to Crosby-Stills-Nash and Young. There were rows of LPs in the house, but radio also played a big role.

“I’ve had an interest in all things wireless since I can remember,” said Jeffrey. “The first two FM stations I can remember becoming aware of were KSAN and KKHI because my parents listened to them.” Radio was a big part of growing up in the Bay Area during the 70’s and 80’s. “As teens, we skateboarded and rode our bikes, but listening to radio was what we did, it was on at the parties, there were boom boxes at the skate spots, it was our primary media.” Jeffrey’s radio interests didn’t stop there. “During that time, I inherited a shortwave receiver from my grandfather which opened a whole new world of listening to me. Being on the west coast, Asian and South Pacific stations were pretty easy to hear and for a young kid, they provided some very exotic programming.” His fascination with radio lead him to earning his Amateur Radio license from the FCC in 1987 and he’s yet to look back. “I’m at the point now where I’ve been licensed for more of my life than I was unlicensed, and to this day I still maintain and operate a station and routinely make contacts and new friends around the world.”

Jeffrey sees a lot of value in KVMR. “One of the things that gets raved about by both residents and visitors alike is the fantastic culture we have in and around Nevada City. I believe that KVMR plays a larger role in keeping our local culture vibrant than most folks realize. To me, KVMR is the “kitchen table” of the community. It’s where we hear about positive happenings; it’s where we meet when tragic things happen, where we celebrate and listen to live music festivals, and even where we get information on local fires and power outages.” He adds that that analogy isn’t complete without a tip of the hat to Rita Hosking!

Along with contributing to and energizing the community aspects of the station, Jeffrey really enjoys putting on music shows. “Music has the power to transcend and unite and in this day and age, who doesn’t need more of that?” His interests in music are very broad. “What I look for in music is its ability to uplift, transport and provide a sense of movement, and just about any genre of music is capable of that.”

Join Jeffrey on alternating Saturday nights, 10 to midnight, as the host of Radio Nomadica where he brings you the best of classic and contemporary downtempo, triphop and world groove genres.

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