Jeff Wright

    Jeff Wright

    Ragpicker’s Review

    Writer, editor, musician, dharma bum. I was a freshman at UC Berkeley the

    year that free-form “underground” radio began at KMPX San Francisco and

    quickly morphed into the ground-breaking KSAN “Jive 95” – which opened

    my ears, blew my mind, and taught me how essential to good living is

    creative, eclectic community radio. I grew up in a house filled with jazz,

    then picked up the guitar and started playing folk, country, blues, and of

    course rock ‘n’roll. Now I find my myself listening to more jazz again, while

    still loving that finger-pickin’ country blues (the urban stuff too!), vintage

    R&B, all sorts of R&R, many various artists now labeled as Americana, and

    great songwriters, the tuneful wordsmiths – ah, I love me a good song!

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