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Jeff Wright

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Transient child, Reseda Youth Band clarinetist, Berkeley finger-pickin’ busker, Boulder barfly & bookkeeper, Valley of the Moon winery hand, Sonoma Stateman, Iowa Writers’ Workshopper, Sycamore Street ghost writer in disguise, Deer Park daddy-0, Napa Valley and Solano College writing prof, San Anselmo seminarian (interfaith), Rock Creek recluse, Nevada City songsmith, musician, ear-reverent music minister, KVMR widower-turned-broadcaster, fiction writer, editor, and dharma bum.

Band affiliations: The Fools’ Basement Band, the Phlegmtones, The Floating Opera, Sven & the Fjordbusters, Real*Magic, Purdon’s Crossing, Possum.

Favorite color: the Blues, and related musical shades (wait, they’re all related).