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Helena McDaniel

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A life long advocate for children,  Helena McDaniel moved up to Nevada Ciy with 6 year old Apaulo in 1996.  Her older 2 children  (Isabelle and Abraham) were just finishing up high school, with one venturing into a farming career.  Having raised them on my own I wanted to use radio to bring moms and parents together in support... hence Parents Connect.
I grew up in Minneapolis with 10 siblings and 100 kids in our neighboorhood. Play and ritual were the center of our lives.I became a Waldorf Teacher to share this richness with over 100 families in the 20 some years of teaching in Early Childhood. I am happy to be one of the founders of our local Birth and Early Childhood Educators.  My love of water make swimming, sailing and kayaking my favorite activities. I have sung on stage and am always in a choir.  I love Life! I have much gratitude for my KVMR Family and I'm looking forward to more Parents Connect shows as I take on my new role as Grammy Nanny for Grandson Samuel in suport of Daughter Isabelle in the Bay Area.  I will be around! Love to all