Heidi Starr

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Heidi Starr grew up in Sacramento and, "cheated my way through school ... dropping out at 17 to give birth to my daughter, Jessie." With the help of her mother, Heidi is devoted to raising her daughter, who is a disabled child. Heidi's also raising conservative temperatures with her other devotion ... activism.

Known on KVMR for her radical, provocative interviews, Heidi feels "The mainstream media conveys the events and analysis of a marginal status quo. My responsibility as an activist/broadcaster is to give a voice to the silenced ... to expose the whole story ... to give the disenfranchised access to the airways."

Heidi's hero as a child was Mohammed Ali; along with George Jackson, a Black Panther political prisoner and author of "Soledad Brother." In the 80's her political inclinations took firm footing in Berkeley where "My innate militant radical tendencies fully bloomed in that Mecca of radical activism," she recalls.

What turns her on? "Smashing the State, liberating the masses and hang gliding." Tune in to Heidi and you'll always get an ear full ... and perhaps learn about another view point too.