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    Hap Hazard volunteered to help KVMR with its birth pains over 30 years ago by offering to do some children’s programming. I drove up to the mountaintop cabin being used to broadcast the on again/off again shows, expecting to be taught how to work the mixing board before I did my first on air debut. However, the folks broadcasting when I arrived said “oh good, he’s here,” and immediately hopped in their car and drove down the mountain.

    It’s been haphazard ever since. Over the years I have hosted just about everything in the ever widening spectrum that KVMR offers, and embraced the broadcaster/listener world as a big part of my life. I was thrilled to have interviewed everyone from Leonard Cohen to strangers walking in off the street. After leaving northern California to live and teach two years in West Africa (Nigeria), and then later two years in Cairo, Egypt, my music appreciation has expanded considerably. Besides the joy of using music as a palette to travel places busses cannot take you, I thoroughly enjoy the people connections that are made while doing radio programs. It’s a community!

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