Eric Flaherty

    Name of my Show: The Last Radio Show, Good Food Radio

    My earliest musical memories are from the early Sixties, listening to KYA while building plastic model cars on a desk in the closet, before glue sniffing was news. Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, all sounded so fine to me.

    I remember telling my Grandmother I was going to the Fillmore Auditorium to hear some music back in “67. She told me that was where she and my Grandfather met for the first time back in nineteen-o-something. I was sixteen and it was my first or second time going to the Fillmore. It was a Sunday afternoon show and I remember making fun of the way they spelled Jimi on the sign outside.Then I made fun of this uy playing the guitar between his legs, behind his back, with his teeth…gimme a break, what a show off!

    And then there was KMPX. Now that was my kind of radio. Then KSAN, KFAT, KPIG,  and KVMR. Radio Free California! Yeah! I still sorta have one foot planted in the sixties. Basically I’m just an ageing adolescent hippie. Yippie!

    I currently host a show every other monday , 10pm- midnight called “the last radio show” (playing music like there’s no tomorrow). I also host several midnight-4am shows a month and regularly substitute for other broadcasters.

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