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Ellis Horn – Playing in the Creative Playground! I, I, I... am a bleeding heart, tree hugging, social liberal and I play music that reflects my compassion for the under represented. Compassion! My music protests injustice and calls out the totalitarians, fascists, oligarchs, plutocrats, corporate greed and those who would and do trash this Heaven on Earth. I'm one of those free spirited artists of several media, a living room musician, an author and hisotrian... It's been a long strange trip. LA, Sac, SF, USN, 48 states in a red, white and blue van, and back to college in Sacramento. With an MFA in video/photo synthesis in hand from the Art Institute of Chicago, I moved to NYC for ten years to play with technology toys and to create effects for the likes of MTV and NY musicians. Through the years I performed electronic visuals with a Sandin video image processor in night clubs. Then turned to digital photo-painting. I teach digital photography and design using Photoshop at Sierra College (part time). I lead tours of Old Sacramento's underground. And I live and work at Lightning Oak Art Farm near Pilot Hill. Listen in. You'll get an ear full of eclectic quality music and tips for living in a state of rebellion on the Redeye about once/mo.