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Elisa Parker

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The beats are moving and grooving, there is a sense of excitement in the air, and the pitter patter of little feet can occasionally be's the Tuesday Music Magazine. Host Elisa Parker, is passionate about radio and music that makes a difference. Her show is all about having fun, sharing music from around the world, and creating an interactive environment for the community. It's not uncommon to find live music in the "radio box" or local folks sharing information about current events during Elisa's show. Guests have covered the gamut including, "Art Talk with Leta," Krishna Das, Spoon Man, the band Vasen from Sweden and local musicians such as Organic Flood, Flamenco Puro, and the Ginger Ninjas.

Elisa's favorites include Brazilian beats, African rhythms, and eclectic tunes. Expect the unexpected but always expect to have a good time. Artists regularly featured on her show include Michael Franti, Gecko Turner, Brett Dennen and other progressive musicians. Her selection process is organic as she just goes with the flow and selects the best music at the right time.

Elisa and her family moved to Nevada City from the Bay Area in search of an intimate community with strong cultural appeal. She joined the KVMR family over three years ago and immediately took to community radio programming. The Women's Collective was a wonderful place to start and enabled Elisa the opportunity to the share concerns and stories of women. Elisa took on the Tuesday Music Magazine in June 2005 and has been on the move ever since.

There's talent for multi-tasking and making it happen. Who says you can't breastfeed and spin tunes at the same time? Elisa is occasionally accompanied by her two daughters during the show, Maya 4 years old, and Payton 1 years old. When she's not doing her show, Elisa serves on NCTV's advisory board and also produces and co-hosts the local television show, Nevada County on the Move. The show features local talent and events and includes an all women crew. She also had a wonderful time co-hosting part of the Celtic Festival with radio mentor Larry Hilberg. When time allows, she also helps her husband with their construction business.

Elisa grew up on the west coast and has had an interest in radio broadcasting since high school where she could DJ at their local station. She has a Masters Degree in Organizational Development from the The University of San Francisco and in the past has worked with business leaders to create sustainable organizations. Her interests include traveling, baja mexico being among her favorite places, sea kayaking, and exploring the outdoors, especially the Yuba River. Elisa also has a passion for theater and the performing arts. Most important though she loves spending time with her daughters, her family and friends.

Elisa is so grateful for her fans and the KVMR community and looks forwards to serving many more years at the station for your listening pleasure.

Tune in to Elisa Parker & The Tuesday Music Magazine, Tuesdays, 4-6 p.m.