Del Rae Phoenix, Board Secretary / Secretary, KVMR Board of Directors

DJ Name: Del

Name of my Show: The Mixtape Sessions

Mixing Indie with Mainstream and Classics with Contemporary music to create a feeling through crossover music instead of a specific genre-based focus, Del brings you the Ineffable Music Radio Show every other Saturday from 10 pm -Midnight.   Ineffable is all about conscious music with themes of Social Justice, Equality, life as LGBTQ+, and both Personal and Social Revolution.

Del came into broadcasting via the backdoor of volunteering, first joining the program committee as a community member. Since then, they have enjoyed working in outreach, the music library, on and at events, and currently serves on KVMR’s Board of Directors, with their first term on the board from 2016-2019.  Del served as Secretary to the Board from 2017-2019 and returns to that role for the 2020/21 FY.  Del has an educational background in Sociology with a focus on LGBTQ+ & Gender Studies and holds an MSW with a focus on Adult Mental Health and Wellness and the intersections of Trauma and the LGBTQ+ community.  Del has worked in the field of social work and community activism for 15 years. Del appreciates the sheer diversity of programming, commitment to free speech, and independent news that are so unique to KVMR. Del feels that KVMR is a community beacon of resources, and is proud to be a part of this incredible group of people. KVMR has become an integral part of their life and an anchor to this incredible community.


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