David Rhodes

David Rhodes's picture

David Rhodes is a Michigan born KVMR broadcaster who was weaned listening to the great CKLW radio station out of Windsor, Canada.  That early exposure to broad format programming  (think listening to the Beatles, Buffy St. Marie, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash and Neil Young – all back-to-back!) started David on his path to wanting to play music on the radio.  After getting a broadcasting degree with the intention of pursuing a radio career, life happened. Now, as a career of television broadcasting and production winds down, a move to Nevada City gives him the opportunity to fulfill that long ago dream of playing incredible music on the public airwaves!

Do listen for a wide variety of music- jazz, world, folk, rock, R&B, spoken-word – you name it, chances are you’ll hear it.

Besides being a music junkie, David enjoys playing his guitar and banjo, cooking with his wife, Shauna, hiking with his dog, Nee-Moosh, and river-monitoring on the Yuba with the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL).

Thanks for listening and, if you’re not already doing so, please think about volunteering at KVMR where so many great things take place.  To quote David Crosby – “Everybody’s saying that music is Love”.  Ain’t it the truth!