David James

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Community involvement, project support, and service are important to me.  But I’m still looking for new ways to create coherence and inclusivity amid the turmoil and isolation of our world.  So….

Radio waves.  Live Streaming.  Remote Broadcasts.  These might be answers. Connecting with people.  Building something. Fixing a problem.  As a KVMR broadcaster I hope to expand my reach, and maybe even my grasp.  

This is me:  I help with environmental conservation and community advocacy programs both on a local level and nationwide.  I participate in the local music scene for fun, and as another way to connect with people.  I support local artists and craft makers.  I believe in welcoming people, understanding them, and helping them achieve their goals, and that continuous access to music, news, and information can be the backbone of a growing, nurturing community.  24 -  7 -  365  KVMR is on the air for you.