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Dave Tallitsch

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We know you have a choice in your radio experience, and that the radio dial is filled with great radio, but where can you listen to bad radio? No where but here! Welcome to Bad Radio!

Your host, Dead Air Dave struggles to find his words and chronically mispronounces names. He knows little about broadcasting or the inside of a radio studio. What are all these knobs? Should this lever be up or down? This button in or out? Is the mic on or off? On top of that he plays unpopular music, and makes no pretense of knowing what he is talking about. What does a 12-tone row have to do with atonal serial music? (Is that redundant?) What are Lennie Tristano principals of improvisation? What is the sonata form? Were Beethoven and Mendelson contemporaries? What exactly is a Gamelan orchestra? What do "just intonation" and "phase shifting" mean? What is the difference between the polyphonic music of the Mbenga and the Mbuti? (Or is there a difference?) What is “well-tempered” about Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier"?  Who knows?! Certainly not Dead Air Dave.

Unpopular music and an inept DJ? What could possibly go wrong? . . . Everything!