Connie Coale

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Wednesday Music Magazine


A creative play list and a unique broadcasters voice were once the essence of early FM radio music shows. Keeping that nearly-extinct tradition alive on alternate Wednesday afternoons is longtime KVMR broadcaster Connie Coale, whose sultry low voice and preferences for singer-songwriters has entertained listeners for 23 years.

“What I really like to present on my show is more music, less talk.” Connie says. “I think listeners appreciate a long, uninterrupted set. It’s rare on radio today. Hearing great music is one of the reasons we listen to KVMR, right?”

Connie was a 2004 nominee for  KVMR’s Best Female Voice and the recipient of the 2009 John Nichol’s Award for excellence in musical programming.

Although she has one of KVMR’s longest tenures as a broadcaster, Connie has been involved with KVMR just as long outside the broadcast booth. Her KVMR resume’ includes co-editing the KVMR Program Guide, helping produce the NightLIVE! shows and performing in an early NightLIVE! with a local band Changing Sky. She also volunteers for many of the KVMR festivals, events, outreach opportunities and is the caretaker of the plants
around the radio station.

Connie started out with a 4-7am morning show, then moved to a 1-4pm slot she dubbed “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” which featured only women artists. Later, the show was named “One Size Fits All.” Since 1992, she has alternated with Jenny Michaels on the Wednesday Music Magazine, 4-6pm.

As a broadcaster, she has a strong affinity for Australian and New Zealand songwriters such as Neil Finn, Paul Kelly and Deborah Conway. But she also remains a huge fan of legendary rock singer songwriters such a David Crosby, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell. She loves exposing listeners to new talents like the Audreys, Breathe Owl Breathe and Augie March.

“I like singer-songwriters who tell stories,” she explains. I love unique voices, and minor cords. Good vocals can carry a song. I prefer a voice and guitar over a big production.” She often has local and touring musicians performing live on her show. Connie says she especially values the freedom she has to change her show to reflect her changing music tastes.

As an artist, singer, gardener and for the past 20 years,  founder/director/teacher of the Nevada City Charter School, Connie enjoys a full life. KVMR has added even more to her already amazing life, with an incredible education, and friendships that will last a lifetime.