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Charles Atthill

British by birth and American by adoption and now citizenship, I have lived in the USA/California since 1985.

I was once a High School teacher of Latin, a time best forgotten, and a university professor, also best forgotten, before becoming a training manager for Bank of America in the UK and San Francisco for more years than I intended.

My wife Jeanne and I moved to Grass Valley in 2002, hopefully a final resting place.  We volunteered at the Empire Mine State Historic Park and South Yuba River State Park. I sang in the Music in the Mountains and Sierra Master Chorale, and wrote dozens of concert reviews for The Union, before discovering KVMR.

My passion has always been classical music. I once played the piano and the violin (my violin lives in the closet, unplayed but not unloved), and sang a lot. Nowadays I play the gramophone, as it was called when I discovered classical music at the age of six. I still possess the first LPs I purchased in my early teens – Brahms, Aaron Copland (yes, really), Vaughan Williams, Rachmaninoff, Richard Strauss, and Shostakovich. One day the collection will be worth something. And at 15 I discovered jazz in a thrift shop – Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk - at about the time I discovered girls and gave up on my plan to become a monk.

I am very happy to carry the torch for classical music on KVMR as one of the hosts of Classics Declassified. Beethoven will not be rolling over just yet.