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Before attending Art & Design in mid-town Manhatten in the early '60's, I was the electric keyboard member of "The Ebbs aka The Crowns.".  A neighborhood band. Occasionally, we held open garage door jam sessions, as schoolmate Steve Tallarico, (aka Tyler of Aerosmith) beat on his drums with his band several streets away. (Long before relocating to Boston)  Shortly after leaving the band, I cut a 'single' 45 rpm called "Cherokee". The instrumental crawled its way to Florida, dying in whatever graveyard unpopular recordings end up during the days of payola.

While an 'enlisted' guest aboard a US Navy minesweeper some years later, we cruised the tropical waters in a Gulf searching for sunken mines, off a country where an unpopular war was taking place. After a very short career in commercial art, and missing ‘the action', I chose a career in law enforcement in New York State. Near the end of 1999, sensing it was time to slow things down, I purchased a large RV taking to the road with my co-pilot Annabelle. (Kiwi Belle) Twelve years, and 100,000 miles later, with KVMR the only radio station within 'earshot', I heard the calling to start volunteering at the station.  Beside falling in love with the area, KVMR was a contributing factor that led us to hang up the keys and call Nevada County home. Bob's also a published author of the novel, "In The Company Of Arrogance" Available at:, and is also an accomplished starving charcoal artist. 

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