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Art Porebski

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I feel privileged to have lived in the Bay Area in the 60’s to be a part of the burgeoning cultural and musical experience of the time.

I am a long-time radio listener of alternative and creative musical programming.  I had the fortunate opportunity to listen to the pioneers of freeform “Underground Radio” on station KMPX-FM, and later, KSAN. KMPX was the birthplace of this format.  I used to spend many evening hours listening to this unique sound.

I'm an aficionado of various genres of music, including Folk, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Ambient, and Dub.

Art Porebski currently hosts "Lights Out!", a bi-weekly show presenting "Underground FM" psychedelic rock music from the "Summer of Love" era.  Art seeks out the finest and hard-to-find rarely played on-air music from this period. Listen live from 10pm-12am every other Sundays or listen to a replay on the kvmr.org archives.