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    “Two years after landing in Nevada City and instantly connecting to the KVMR airwaves, I oddly found myself accepted in to the 1997 broadcaster training class.  I was more interested in learning the technical aspects of the radio world than I was to be on-air.   That mentality warped a bit after I transitioned from the classroom portion to the studio “on-air” part of the training.

    It was rather soon after that when I landed my first variety music show, Denim Sunrise.  Holding down the fort for six years every other Tuesday morning 4-7 AM, it was a great fit as it allowed me to explore all types of musical avenues.  Near the end of my early morning run, my direction was steering more often towards lots of funky jams and concert recordings.  I found another great time slot, 10pm – midnight, where I could get all that out.  Alternating weekly, Out Of Bounds became a mainstay on Thursday evenings (originally Wednesday).  “Out of bounds, the place for the freshest tracks.”

    After twelve years of hosting my own shows and numerous substitute appearances on other shows, and five years after moving to the Lake Tahoe region, I resigned my show due to time constraints and the thought of another winter driving over Donner Pass.  Over the next few years I made a few rare radio appearances.  I also trimmed back my schedule of volunteering for live remote broadcasts, of which I had been providing engineering and producing support since 2001.  A couple of years of laying low gave way to more free time and I once again became entrenched in the live broadcast arena and can currently be heard sporadically on the air.”

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