Adriana Kelly

Membership Coordinator

Adriana Kelly has lived in KVMR country on and off since 1975. Both her mom and a future second cousin by marriage were early deejays. "The best part of this job is the members. They come from all walks of life- retired millionaires and castaway vagabonds. It's a special kind of person who cares to protect independent media and support arts access for everyone. Typically they are amazing and creative in the rest of their lives as well, producing the Playboy Mansion's Halloween Party or teaching teens the joys of civil disobedience. KVMR supporters are multifaceted, and empirical studies show they actually are better than everyone else."

Adriana spent 10 years tending bar and claims her experience with crazy well prepared her for life in a non-profit. When not slaving away at KVMR she's generally getting into trouble. Adriana is a scorpio rising who loves large vocabularies, fat stacks of wax, and time off. She earned a meaningful degree in US History from UC Davis, dad!

For a good time call: (530) 264-4165, and tell her a little about how you came to the KVMR family. She's sitting there waiting for you to call. Seriously.