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Secretary, KVMR Board of Directors
Mixing Indie with Mainstream and Classics with Contemporary music to create a feeling through crossover music instead of a specific genre-based focus, Adela brings you Ineffable every 4 weeks on Fridays from 4-7am and is part of a rotation of DJ’s on the JukeJoint, a new, full-spectrum blues program on alternating Sunday mornings from midnight to 4am. Adela likes to claim that she specializes in conscious music, but that is simply a reflection of all of the music and spoken word shows that KVMR provides. She loves all genres of music. She has been the host of a once per month Sunday morning Redeye show, The Journey-Redeye Radio since 2011, and co-host of the Blues Café since 2015, as well as the occasional Sunday Showcase and sitting in for other broadcasters. She looks forward to producing more specials and collaborative shows in the future. She came into broadcasting via the backdoor of volunteering, first joining the program committee as a community member. Since then, she has enjoyed working in outreach, the music library, on and at events and now serves on KVMR’s Board of Directors. Adela appreciates the sheer diversity of programming, commitment to free speech, and independent news that are so unique to KVMR. She feels that KVMR is a community beacon of resources, and is proud to be a part of this incredible group of people. KVMR has become an integral part of her life and an anchor to our lovely community. "Be who you are, nothing more, nothing less, and let the beauty that you love be the very best." ~M. Franti"