This Sunday: Brian Wilson – Brilliant Songwriter or Blatant Plagiarist?

Written by on March 6, 2018

Brian Wilson is generally recognized as a musical genius.   Heck, even Paul McCartney said Wilson was a big influence on him and called "God Only Knows" the greatest song ever written.   But history shows even the famous Beach Boy was capable of imitation on a grand scale.   Surfin' USA was the Beach Boys' first big hit and rocketed them to inernational stardom.  But it turns out that groovin' beat was lifted directly from the great Chuck Berry, who wrote "Sweet Little Sixteen" several years earlier.  Hear the story of how Berry and Wilson worked it out on the next edition of Copycats, my recurring series this Sunday March 11 from 4-7 am (Copycats usually starts around 6).  DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD at 2 am.  

Yes, folks, the Paulie Morphous Show returns after a month-long hiatus.  I've got a blowout eclectic mix of songs, including Christina Aguilera channeling Patti Labelle and Patti Smith channeling the Doors.   Plus, a set of three political songs that never mention the name of our 45th President while skewering him and everything he stands for.  But I'm just getting started.  Three shows in 7 days, all from 4-7 am.   With a schedule like this I could deliver newspapers; or teach gym classes!   

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