Written by on May 20, 2021

The Undrive Cometh… Usually at this time KVMR is airing our biggest membership drive of the year—but this is a unique situation so we’re trying a unique approach—“If you give before we ask, we won’t ask.” Is this unadvisable? Is this unheard of? Is this unbaked? Maybe, and undoubtedly a ton more things—It’s the Undrive!

If you’ve ever thought, “I’d give them money if they’d stop asking,” or “oh brother, another beg-a-thon,” now’s your chance to prove we don’t need membership drives to pay the bills. AND we have a 20K Match pledge, so if you donate soon so we can hit $20,000, we’ll get another $20,000.

So many good reasons to DONATE TODAY!


KVMR has relied on community support for 43 years. You can turn to KVMR for a friendly voice, great music, community connection and emergency information every day, all year long, no matter what. Your support makes it possible. KVMR is a BIG reason why this community is a great place to live. So RIGHT NOW is your chance to support this uncommon resource. Later in the season, when you turn to KVMR to find out what’s happening with power outages or fires, you’ll feel good knowing you’ve done your part.

We’re here for fun and frolic, for good times and hard times, for fires and storms, for music and love. We’re here for you, no matter what, because for 43 years you have been here for us. If you donate before we ask, we won’t have a drive. It’s your support that’s crucial. Make the UnDrive a big success. If we raise $60,000 before May 21st, we won’t have a drive. If you donate before we ask, we won’t ask! That’s the UnDrive.

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