The Other Side: Tuesday 3/2/21, Sequestered episode 48: The Oddities of Life

Written by on February 28, 2021

On the next edition of The Other Side
Tuesday March 2, 8-10PM
Sequestered episode 48: The Oddities of Life
Life goes on with or without us.  Many artists tend to write music and create sounds trying to capture these ongoing moments with a fascinating tinge of passion.  On this episode expect to hear from the likes of Jackie Gleason “the great one”, Lenny BruceLucia PamelaKen NordineMarcy aka “little Marcy”, William S. BurroughsThe JethrosJean Jacques PerreyDel Close & John BrentLord BluckleyWoody WoodpeckerEden AhbezBilly MureNick Cave and Warren EllisCasper the Friendly GhostNegativlandJack Kerouac & Steve Allen, mixed with a smidgen of commercial faire just to keep things in check.  That’s The Other Side, Tuesday March 2, 8-10PM, and only on KVMR!!!

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